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DIY Theater Suggestions


Online video is more than videoblogging, more than YouTube. There are literally 200 video hosting sites out there, not to mention the thousands of creator-owned and controlled websites. Let's find the best videos from all over the Internet.


Keep this section organized. Create and choose categories that make sense, and that don't apply to only one video.



  1. We request that submissions not exceed 10 minutes in length.
  2. Video must have lived online
  3. Videos must include name of producer, location, run time, short summary and permalink to where it lives on the web.
  4. email questions here





Auto Racing






Global Perspectives

Human Interest



News and Events


Politics and War

Science and Technology


Add more categories and subcategories as needed!


  • note: should these categories coincide with the panels? This could be an interesting place to create a more functional taxonomy for video categories. I think about YouTube, and a million different categories, and I get a little overwhelmed. Categories like these are very broad, which can be good to show contrasting pieces within a category. Other option is to micro-categorize, but then everything seems so small. Should categories be linked to genre only? what about length, screen format, target audeince/demographic, accessibilty, production budget. I am not saying by any means that it's wrong to categorize in a traditional and instinctual manner, but it's worth considering other methods.
  • Really just strat adding as you think make sense. This is just a way to put some kind of order. (Jay--Organizer)


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