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speaker suggestions

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Speaker Suggestions


Who would you want to hear speak about their work, their experience, and what they think of the future of online video at the Pixelodeon screening?


  1. Rob Schrab / Dan Harmon: Channel 101
  2. Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone: The Lonely Island/SNL
  3. Tom Green: tomgreen.com
  4. Darryl Hannah: dhlovelife.com
  5. Scott Beale: Laughing Squid
  6. Jonas Mekas: jonasmekas.com
  7. Jeff Jarvis: Buzzmachine
  8. Damon Berger (Stage 9 - Disney)
  9. Representative from This Just In (HBO/AOL)
  10. UTA Representative
  11. Morty Wiggins: Outhink
  12. LonelyGirl15 Producers: LonelyGirl15.com
  13. Ze Frank zefrank.com
  14. Drew Olanoff scriggity, best damn tech show, period.
  15. Joost Guys
  16. YouTube Guys
  17. (Alex Albrecht & Kevin Rose) OR (Jay Adelson)
  18. Anyone from Cartoon Network or Comedy Central
  19. Danah Boyd to talk about social aspects of video
  20. Rob McIlhenney creator of microbudget It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  21. Scott Beale !!
  22. Marshall KirkPatrick of TechCrunch and SplashCast
  23. Someone from Adobe Flash to talk about video interactivity
  24. Someone to discuss standards, copyright & DRM issues
  25. Mobile Content Person
  26. Azureus Guys
  27. Creators of Pure Pwngage
  28. Shawn Van Every
  29. Someone from blip.tv
  30. J.D. Lasica
  31. Dave Toole: Outhink
  32. Casey Mckinnon & Rudy Jahchan from Galacticast
  33. David Lynch
  34. Representatives of online aggregators so we can develop a "best practices" collaboratively
  35. Roxanne Darling of Beach Walks with Rox
  36. Someone from Wreck & Salvage
  37. Heather Gold http://www.heathergold.com
  38. Nick Douglas [http://www.lookshiny.com]
  39. Miranda July [http://www.mirandajuly.com]

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