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screening themes

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Screening Session Themes


Curators will organize the videos they want to screen according to cool themes that they come up with, or that you come up with. This is the place to list a cool theme, and tell us what it's about.



Theme suggestions:


  • Now THIS I would like to see on TV! - this session should be about videos I would watch on television, and that would make TV great again.
  • This Can Only Happen On the Web - videos that could not exist in any other medium, maybe because they incorporate audience participation or other cool stuff!
  • Boundary Breakers
      - videos that cross many genres, reach many audiences
  • Interactive Video - content that goes beyond the normal sit & consume model and gets users to be interactive
  • Vlogging Etiquette
  • Content for a Global Audience
  • Content for a Mobile Audience
  • Art of Product Placements & Sponsorship - without alienating your viewers
  • Production Value
  • A country at war
  • Wreck & Salvage - collaboration, production, and fair use across thousands of miles (a best of screening)
  • In The Eye
      - videos with direct confrontation with the audience; through the fourth wall; personal narratives that showcase the orgins and building blocks of the medium.
  • Vlogging Therapy
      - how couples use vlogging to overcome difficulties either between them or to work out obstacles together
  • Does Place Still Matter?
      - Ever notice that lots of video blogs intimately involve place, with titles like Minnesota Stories, Beach Walks with Rox, Socality and others? Despite the predictions that the Internet would supplant the need for physical place it still spurs vloggers imaginations. Why? And what is the relationship between Internet representations of place and the places themselves?
  • Transitions
      - What techniques to video bloggers use to show where they have been and where they are going?
  • Blogging Without Words
      - Do words get in the way? Images may be worth many words but which ones and whose?
  • Time based  - How the simple constraint of time can democratize participation and liberate the imagination.
  • Battle of the YouTube Stars-YouTube has been a hotbed of web video activity, with would be stars doing everything they can to claw their way to the top of the YouTube rankings. Let's check out a few samples of the gladitorial quest for TYTD (Total YouTube Domination).
  • Streams of Collective Consciousness - 20 minute blocks of vlogs that meander from people and issues tangentially related. ( From here to here to here  )
  • Moments: kind of like above...but video moments connected together to show how the web is perfect for just little video thoughts.
  • Fiction/Serial: Shows that tell an ongoing story, with new episodes on a regular basis
  • WHY has Hollywood not hired these people yet!?! Videos SO GOOD that we just don't understand why the creators haven't been "picked up" by Hollywood yet.
  • Finding a niche Unlike blogs, most videoblogs are all over the place. They are not subject specific. But like blogs, the videoblogs that are specific find a faster and bigger audience. It is very utilitarian. And though no one is asking you to be a utilitarian, there are more rewards if do so. People are rarely invested in the people.

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