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rant and rave!

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How Full of Shit Are We?



Here's your chance to let us have it! Think this is all wrong and that we're screwing up? Let us know and please make suggestions for solutions. Tell us if you like the idea, too. :)


  • Brilliant! Especially the theme idea.
  • Sounds like a good festival. Perhaps some kind of technology demo tent in the neighborhood. I think it may be a good idea to have a place for people to discuss content distribution, methods, technology in a place where it won't steal attention from the content pieces, panels, etc.
  • When can I order my t-shirt, hoodie, cap, et al?!
  • can someone please suggest a speaker that isn't white!!!
  • this looks like your average tv award show, i know a lot us (videobloggers) started videoblogging because we wanted to show the world something beyond the television paradigm - yet look at what we have become...dare i say it??? yeah - sellouts.
  • what about all the social justice and media justice themes?!?!?!
  • (from Jay, a Pixelodeon organizer) Thes eare good suggestions...but I hope you're actually making concrete suggestions for speakers, curators, themes, and specific videos. We're deep into planning mode and all wiki suggestions are being conseidered. We need to know people who are really excited but dont get enough attention. If we dont know about them....then we dont know about them! email me offlist if you'd like. (jay.dedman@gmail.com)
  • Right, i think the remark about this looking like another awards show is valid. Maybe you should make it more like DisneyLand or the Olympics. Have a lot going on at the same time. Maybe set up themed or non-themed areas where you can catch a screening. Make it more like the internet. Allow users to navigate where ever they want, and consume how they want to rather than force feeding a crowded auditorium w/ performances from Limp Bizkit. I like the idea of a Carnival. Maybe you have greeter people, who can help people who aren't familiar w/ online programming help them around the festival. maybe get some nerd-core bands, some seedy vendors, plenty of free shirts, visual art installations...
  • (from Steve, a Pixelodeon organizer) Just want to make sure everyone understands that this isn't an awards ceremony, but rather a screening festival. It wil be completely informal and casual, and conversations will be happening all over the AFI campus across 3 screening rooms and 2 classrooms.
  • (from Jay, a Pixelodeon organizer) the new website will hopefully make this more clear. Like Steve said, this isnt a "whose the best" event. We want to show a wide selection of work to show how diverse online video is...even 2 yaers out of the gate. There will be a Community Room so people can screen anything they want. It's going to be a party.
  • too bad there wasn't more diversity amongst the actual speakers.  guess its too late for that now though.  curators list was pretty on point though, actually a bit representative.  would like to see that action get transferred to the rest of the festival next year.
  • (from Jay, a Pixelodeon organizer)  About diversity among speakers...totally agree. Obviously because Zadi and Ryanne were two of the four organizers, they made sure we had plenty of diveristy among the curators and creators. When it came to speakers, we had a lot of possible women speakers say they were busy. At the last moment, we realized we had 4 white guys. All great speakers, and that's where we were at. Please leave your sgestions for speakers you wnat to here. We're making notes for next year. you can also email me directly: jay.dedmanATgmail.com


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