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Politics and War

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anything at http://bloggingheads.tv/.

name of producer: Matt Feldman

location: New York, NY

run time: 5 minutes

short summary: citizen journalism from the middle east with a unique perspective. filmmaker harvey stein, currently based in jerusalem, hunts for unforgettable stories, in a land of unforgettable stories

permalink: http://www.holylandtv.neovids.tv

Game Jew at the May Day Celebration/Protest in McArthur Park

permalink: http://one.revver.com/watch/254524

name of producer: Rox and Shane, Bare Feet Studios

location: Hawaii

run time: 7:27

short summary: A visit to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific where each grave receives a fresh flower lei on Memorial Day.

permalink: Beach Walks #284 - Make Peace from War

name of producer: David Meade

location: Hawaii

run time: 4:14

short summary: Historical footage of Pearl Harbor mixed with current day footage of the Arizona Memorial with voice over.

permalink: http://www.davidmeade.com/archives/22



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