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Page history last edited by Cadillac Dreamz 13 years, 3 months ago

Personal Videos




The Wrath of Staffa

name of producer: Andy Carvin

location: Isle of Staffa, Scottish Hebrides, UK

run time: aprox 3 minutes

short summary: Andy makes the mistake of taking a boat through treacherous seas to visit a sea cave off the western coast of scotland.





Ride the Trend

name of producer: spindaily

location: Silver Lake, LA

run time: 3 minutes

short summary: Katherine of SpinDialy and Jorja Fox of CSI explore the trend in customized bikes with the guys at Orange20bikes.

permalink: http://www.spindaily.com/content/view/74/44/



name of producer: Chuck Olsen

location: Minnesota

run time: aprox 4 minutes

short summary: Chuck shows how ridiculous it is to stop poeple from recoding and uploading media to the web. A perefct video showing how the genie is out of the bottle.

permalink: http://blogumentary.typepad.com/chuck/2005/03/vid2_welcome_to.html

name of producer: Steve Garfield


location: Boston

run time: <1min


short summary: Steve makes arguably the first video that officially recognizes that a video on a blog is something special. Jan 2004!!

permalink: http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/videoblog/2004/01/index.html



name of producer: Ajit Anthony Prem (Blurring Fat)

location: North Carolina

run time: 4:38

short summary: A blurred conversation between a man and a woman about whether she is overweight.



name of producer: Ajit Anthony Prem (Been You all Along)

location: North Carolina

run time: 2:31

short summary: A split screen of stills where a married couple seemingly grow up next to each other.



name of producer: David Howell Studios

location: Minnesota

run time: 5:19

short summary:  February 13th - a life changing event.

permalink:  http://www.davidhowellstudios.com/2007/02/20/february-13-2007



name of producer: Rob Parrish

location: Arlignton, VA

run time: 1:18

short summary:  As a young child I remember laying on the floor and watching dust flying around in a shaft of light. To me the specks of dust were planets, stars, and spaceships. To young Ruby they are butterflies.

permalink:  http://www.hoppervideo.net/2006/01/dust-butterflies.html


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