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Videos about/with..Music



name of producer: Daniel Gardner (thinkgardner.com)

location: Brazil


run time: 2:09


short summary: "Hairy" makes a brave attempt of mixing a dream world and reality together. Music used with permission | "LaLa Song" by Kien

permalink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tckE2Cy68qs





name of producer: Steve Garfield

location: Boston

run time:

short summary: They attempted to light 30,000 pumpkins on Boston Common.

permalink: http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/videoblog/2006/10/hide_and_seek_u.html


name of producer: Chuck Olsen,

location: Minneapolis MN

run time: <6min

short summary: We're living in an age of personal media explosion. Unfortunately there's friction between that reality and those with an overzealous desire to control and protect commercial copyright. So here's me, caught in the friction at a Soundtrack of Our Lives concert.

permalink: http://www.mnstories.com/archives/2006/01/welcome_to_the.html

name of producer: Fredo Viola

location: ??

run time: ??

short summary:

1. Fredo made it with his digital still camera's video mode.

2. Check out that aspect ratio!

3. The song is beautiful.

4. Seriously, I think this might be my favorite video on the entire internet.

**permalink: ****Sad Song

title: View From The Basement

name of producer:Susan Kirkpatrick

location: all over the world

run time: <5 min.

short summary: A collaborative effort with over 35 different submissions, to create one awesome storylined music video.

permalink: http://www.blip.tv/file/59859/

name of producer: JD Lasica, Steve Garfiled, Josh Leo, Annaliese Rittershaus

location: Austin, Texas

run time: <10min

short summary: This is a mashup of a song from The Organization at South By Southwest 2006

We will create a 4 minute revlog of this mashup

permalink: http://outhink.com/images/sxsw/garfield2.jpg,http://outhink.com/images/sxsw/joshleo2.jpg,http://outhink.com/images/sxsw/annaliese2.jpg

location: ??

name of producer: pjkproductions

location: Nottingham, UK

run time: <4 Minutes

short summary: Paul in 4 separate costumes miming his heart out to a track from the 40's.

permalink: http://pjkproductions.blogspot.com/2006/10/its-sin.html

name of producer: pjkproductions/r3wind

location: Burton On Trent, UK

run time: <4 minutes

short summary: Possibly the best music video of last year, featuring local band "onion"




name of producer: kendall m rhodes

location: Los Angeles

run time: 3 minutes

short summary: SpinDaily's Katherine visits Redcar's studio and gets the scoop on their favorite shows, hangouts, and bands as well as jamming to the acoustic version of "Back to the Start" -  there new single.

permalink: http://www.spindaily.com/content/view/111/40/




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