Human Interest


Human Interest




name of producer: Jason Lewis


location: all over the globe


run time: ???


short summary: Jason Lewis is circumnavigating the planet using only his own human power. He's been doing it since 1994. Currently he is in the middle of the Arabian Sea, peddling his boat Moksha, with his friend Sher Dhillon. Due to the difficulty of maintaining a Satellite uplink on the water with such a small boat, he is uploading photos during this current leg. You can see video on the previous leg of his journey across the Himalayas, and I suspect that we should have some great footage coming from Jason again when he is traveling across the African continent this Spring/Summer during Pixelodeon.

permalink: Expedition 360



Title: Arthur and Ernestine

name of producer: Bill Streeter    

location: St. Louis, MO  


run time: 9:30


short summary: Interview with artists who each had a long distinguished careers.




Title: Change a Lifetime

name of producer: Josh Shipp

location: Corpus Christi, TX

run time: 02:49

short summary: A challenge for people to take interest in foster care.



Title: A Different Kind of Normal


name of producer: David Landsness


location: Los Angeles, CA


run time: 18:56


short summary: The story of a family with a special-needs child.






Title: Muslim while flying

name of producer: Baba Ali

location: Los Angeles, CA

run time: 5:51

short summary: If you thought "black while driving" was bad...trying being "Muslim while Flying"!



name of producer:


run time:

short summary: