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Hotels and Transportation

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Ride Share: Want to share of ride to LA from San Francisco or elsewhere?


Room Share: Want to share a room with someone?




Hotel Information - Current Accomodations


Orange Drive Manor Hostel - Affordable!!!

1764 North Orange Drive

Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 850-0350 info@orangedrivehostel.com



This is approximately 1 block away from the Magic Castle Hotel. It does not look like a bording place, more like a residence.


The rates are great for this area:


  • Private single $55 to $65
  • Private Double $55 to $69
  • Dorms $25 to $29
  • Private Room for Groups (3-6 people) $25 to $29 per person.


The reason I missed it my first trip to Hollywood is because it looks like a private home. 


The next thing I liked about it was that you have to either be buzzed in or have a key. There are security bars on the lower windows and the property seems to be well kept.  In Hollywood you have to have good security. I couldn't get in but looking through the window it seemed to be ok.


It  looked as it was supposed to look: a clean, secure well run place. I spoke to some of the departing guests and they said that they liked it. There were a lot of international visitors and none of them looked scruffy or life threatening.


It has the same positives and negatives as the Magic Castle, Hollywood Celebrity and Liberty Hotels. They are practically on the same block.


Magic Castle Hotel

7025 Franklin Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 851-0800  or 1-800-741-4915






This is actually a photo of the Magic Castle Club but the hotel is next door.


Current rooms available is the 1BR suite  that can sleep four, two in the bed room and two on the sleeper bed in the living room.

There is a full kitchen and other stuff as well. Guest of the Magic Castle have free seating to the Magician's club performances. The Magic Castle will be the HQ for the currators, vloggers and event volunteers.


Pricing as of May 14, 2007


June 8 - 9 2007

$214 + $56 taxes and fees x 2 nights = $487.92


Continental Breakfast is included at no additional charge.


Parking is $9 per night, per vehicle.


(Per phone call at 6pm PST on 5/14, they currently have a single room for $164 per night which is a queen-sized bed plus a fridge & full bathroom - it's available even though their web site says it's not. So calling is worth a shot. -Cheryl Colan)




Hollywood Celebrity Hotel

1775 Orchid Avenue, Hollywood, California 90028

Reservations: 800-222-7017 / 323-850-6464 Fax: 323-850-7667



Has online calculator with availability information. Prices range from $140 to $160 per night. There is a usage fee and a city tax fee for all area hotels. Using the check in of June 7 and the check out of June 10 the rate comes to $463.98.  Travelocity reviews http://tinyurl.com/38urbd


Actual visit went well, had a good lobby vibe but I did not see a room.


In Favor:


  • Right around the corner from Metro Red Line Hollywood and Highland station.
  • Secured location - traditional hotel set up.
  • Internet access in all room w/o extra charge
  • Small parking area in back of hotel
  • Hotel is in a clean well kept neiborhood.
  • Major tourist area with many attractions.


Working Against It:


  • At 2:30pm there was a lot of traffic on Franklin Avenue, Hollywood Blvd. and the surrounding streets are very busy. If driving you would have to factor in the delays.
  • The parking area is not secured. It is okay for small cars but it is a little snug for larger vehicles.
  • At the time of my visit there was construction work at the corner of Franklin and Highland.




Liberty Hotel

1770 Orchid Avenue

Hollywood, CA 90028-4303



The Liberty Hotel is directly across the street from the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel

It is a no frills basic hotel but it seems to be clean. This is an older building but it seems to be clean. I visited on of the rooms with a double bed and it was fine. There was a slight crack in the tile of the bathroom but tub and toilet were clean.


I spoke with a few ladies outside of the hotel and they told me that it was fine for one or two nights.


According to the manager I was told that the rates are from $89 to $109 but if the hotel fills up to 50% capacity the rate can go to $119.  I was also told that if we get five rooms we could have a group rate that would eliminate the various usage and city taxes. (I don't believe that for a second but he sounded sincere.) He also said that the rate would drop to $75 on Sunday but I have nothing in writing.


In Favor:


  • Right around the corner from Metro Red Line Hollywood and Highland station.
  • Traditional hotel set up.
  • Internet access in lobby area and in reception room.
  • Hotel is in a clean well kept area.
  • Major tourist area with many attractions.


Working Against It:


  • I couldn't see any obvious parking areas. There is parking on the street but I'm not clear about guest parking.
  • At the time of my visit there was construction work at the corner of Franklin and Highland.
  • Traffic on Franklin and Hollywood Blvd.





Days Inn Hollywood

5410 Hollywood Blvd.

Western and Serrano

Hollywood, CA, 90027 US

323-463-7171 Fax: 323-461-8259



It was around 5:00pm when I stopped by the hotel. The hotel is right next to Metro Red Line Hollywood and Western Station. The polite way to say this is that the area is in transition. There are new businesses across the street but this is one of those shady areas and I don't mean it has trees. There is prostitution and other activities in the area of the hotel. The hotel area does not appear to have that kind of activity.


When I went to the office to ask for a brochure the person was watching television and didn't really want to be bothered with questions. He did go to the desk and then told me he was out of brochures but I could go to the web site.   He then immediately went back to the TV.


There was one Internet computer in a little corner. If someone wants to visit during the week to see if there is a more accomodating person on duty that would be good. I suspect the rates are lower than the other area hotels.


Search for Days Inn in Los Angeles shows $84.15 per room/night price for this Hotel.


In Favor:


  • Next door to Out Of the Closet and the Hollywood & Western Station.
  • Food and Supermarket located directly accross the street.  This is an area that has a lot of Thai restaurants, some of them very good.
  • Internet access in lobby area. (Don't know about rates)
  • Parking is spacious but unsecured.
  • Because it is slightly outside of tourist Hollywood it would be easier to get in and out of the area.


Working Against It:


  • The neighborhood. There be frisky people around.
  • Open location. Anyone can walk into the parking area and up the steps to the doors.
  • The reviews about this hotel are faily accurate to the vibe I got standing on the property Check out  Yelp http://tinyurl.com/2l9fjq  and Travelocity http://tinyurl.com/2r8ey8



Other Hotel Options:



Best Western Hollywood Hills

6141 Franklin Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 464-5181  


 The lowest price quoted to me over the phone was $119.00 -- Enric


Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

1755 N Highland Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 856-1200 




Holiday Inn Express Hollywood

1520 N La Brea Ave

Hollywood, CA

Review: http://dest.travelocity.com/Reviews/reviews_read/0,5401,TRAVELOCITY_13730,00.html




Transportation Options


Writing in progress but these are the bones to think about:


From LAX To Hollywood


Flyway Buses from Airport to Union Station - Best value for the money and time saved.


For $3 you buy a ticket on the Metro Flyway bus. This will be an express route to Los Angeles Union Station. Flyway buses run every half hour until 1am then every hour until 5am Union Station is a connecting hub for Amtrak, regional trains and local transportation.  


These are the links to Los Angeles World Airport Information http://www.lawa.org/lax/airportinfo.cfm and the FAQ http://www.lawa.org/lax/laxFAQs.cfm


For more info on the Flyway Buses http://www.lawa.org/flyAwayInfo2.cfm and http://metro.net/images/flyaway.pdf


At Union Station you make a transfer to the Metro Red Line subway. Make sure you get on the train designated "North Hollywood Station".


The base fare is $1.25, you must have your ticket before you board the train. There are ticket machines in the station.  This is an honor system. There is no conductor but L.A. Sheriffs patrol the trains. If you don't have a ticket when asked it is a big honking fine.  The Red Line has stops on Hollywood & Western, Hollywood and Vine and Hollywood and Highland. The trip from Union Station to Hollywood is about 25 to 30 minutes.


The last train from Union Station to Hollywood and Highland is:


NORTH HOLLYWOOD STATION     th    11:57PM      12:18AM    21 mins

NORTH HOLLYWOOD STATION     fr     12:17AM     12:38AM     21 mins


The next  Red Line train would be:


NORTH HOLLYWOOD STATION     fr     04:30AM     04:51AM     21 mins

NORTH HOLLYWOOD STATION     fr     04:48AM     05:09AM     21 mins


Airport to Door Van Services/Shuttles



PrimeTime Shuttle http://www.primetimeshuttle.com

(800) 733-8267

(310) 342-7200 (General Information)

(310) 342-7216 (Fax)


Super Shuttle (310) 782-6600


PrimeTime has a $15 shared rate. What this means is that unless the driver has a full load of passengers you might be orbiting the airport terminals a few times before he/she is ready to leave.  You can purchase exclusive door to door for a much higher rate. Check out the web site for details. The rate maybe higher for LAX than it is for Burbank


Other Airport Buses to Select Area Hotels


From LAWA.org: Many major airport-area hotels and privately operated parking lots provide courtesy transportation from LAX terminals. Stops for trams and shuttles for hotels and privately operated parking lots are located on the Lower/Arrival Level islands in front of each terminal under the red sign Hotel & Parking Lot Shuttles.


Once a hotel is selected this option might be available. 


Bob Hope Airport aka Burbank Airport aka Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena Airport

2627 N. Hollywood Way

Burbank, CA 91505

818-840-8840 (Airport info only - call airline for specific information)


http://www.bobhopeairport.com or http://www.burbankairport.com


If the site of thousands of frustrated travelers do not appeal to you, let alone the 1.5 hour journey from LAX to Hollywood then you should concider Burbank Airport. It is closer to Hollywood and is a user friendly type of Airport.  Airlines that services the airport are"


  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • American West Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines


The most affordable airlines for most folks is Southwest Airlines or JetBlue. If it isn't snowing you are good to go on either airline. ;-)


The airport has an Airport to Door shuttle services that will get you into Hollywood in about 30 minutes or so. Roughly $15 to $25. If traveling at night you will need to take the shuttle.


If you are arriving in daylight hours there is a Metro 163 bus for $3 day pass. That line will take you into Hollywood. It is a long trip but you will get to see parts of the real Los Angeles. The bus terminates around Hollywood and Vine so you will have to transfer to either the Red Line or take another local bus to the to Hollywood and Highland. 


It not worth it. Take the shuttle.


Bus - Greyhound



1715 N. Cahuenga Blvd. , Hollywood, CA 90028

Main: 323-466-6381 Baggage: 323-466-1249



From Cahuenga you would walk three blocks north to Hollywood and Vine Station. From there you can ride the Red Line to Hollywood and Highland.

Local Transportation Options:


Los Angeles Metropolitation Transportation Authority (Metro)


It is said that Los Angeles and Southern California is car country. That is 97.5% true but there is mass transit. The good news is that there is a lot of transportation options to get you to Hollywood Blvd. Once inside of Hollywood there are a lot of stores and attractions in the area.  For directions on how to get to Non-Hollywood attractions you can visit http://metro.net




How Much Does It Cost To Ride?


The standard fare is $1.25 each time you get on a bus or train. However you can (and should) purchase a $3 day pass. This will let you get on and off buses and trains from 3:00am to the next 3:00am. There is no Metro transfer.


You can purchase the Metro Day pass at Union Station or on Metro Buses. From the Red Line Station you can purchase a combo Train/Bus Ticket for $1.60


If you are planning on spending the week here you can get a weekly pass good for Sunday to Saturday 11:59pm. A weekly pass cost $14 and most check cashing places or Metro offices will have them.


Local Buses Serving Hollywood


  • 2 Sunset Boulevard
  • 4 Santa Monica Boulevard
  • 217 From Vermont and Prospect this bus travels north on Hollywood Blvd to the Fairfax District
  • 210 From Vermont and Prospect this bus travels north on Hollywood Blvd. on it way to the South Bay/Crenshaw Area.
  • 180/181 will take you as far as Hollywood and Vine Station (ok, it is actually Hollywood and Argyle. Vine street is a block or two north of Argyle)
  • 780 Rapid is an express bus that runs Monday - Friday until 7:30pm. From Vermont and Prospect  the last stop is the Hollywood and Vine station.


Los Angeles Department of Transportation - LA Dash Hollywood Area Shuttles


This are local city shuttle service that fill in the gaps in service. They are very inexpensive to ride, 25 cents per trip. They do not accept Metro Day Passes or Weekly Passes. http://www.ladottransit.com/dash/index.html


Taxis Service


If you must or you really don't have a choice you can always catch a cab at Vermont and Prospect aka Hollywood and Prospect (The street merge together at this point).  Make sure that the cab has the Los Angeles city seal on the side of the cab.  If they think you are a tourist the lower forms of cabbies will drive in circles to up the fare.  Hell, they don't care if you are a tourist or not. If you give a street address as opposed to a tourist destinations that might help.


One exception: Hollywood Boulevard on Friday and Saturday nights can be packed with cars and people. The driver has no control over it but you might find yourself in coversation with him as the cab is racking up the meter.  Use the Red Line train if you can.




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