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curator suggestions

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Candidates for Curators


What is a curator? Think of the curator as you would a curator in an art gallery. They will select a collection of videos that complement each other to be shown together during a screening block.


Curators will be tasked with selecting a theme for their screening session. If they can attend, they will appear onstage to discuss their selections. If not, they will send a video talking about their choices.


Please feel free to nominate people who create interesting and innovative work, or who write or speak intelligently and with foresight about online video.



Please keep this list alphabetical by LAST name.


  1. Codel, Eddie - eddie.com
  2. Congdon, Amanda - amandacongdon.com
  3. Day, Mark - Markday.com
  4. Goldstein, Jonny - jonnygoldstein.com
  5. Haskett, Gena - outonthestoop.blogspot.com
  6. Hodson, Ryanne - [http://www.ryanneishungry.com]
  7. Johnson, Harold - Video Harold
  8. Lange, Patricia - annenberg.edu
  9. Mieser, Michael mefeedia
  10. Nelson, Erik - bottomunion.com
  11. Pepa - vlog.blogia.com
  12. Proctor, Jen - jenniferproctor.com
  13. Quirk, Adam - bullemhead.com
  14. Rabinowitz, Schlomo - Echoplex Park
  15. Rice, Eric - ericrice.com
  16. Rule, Charlene - scratchvideo.tv
  17. Sherwood, Milt - furpajamas.com
  18. Shifflet, Serra - headsoff.blogspot.com
  19. Valdez, Aaron - valdezatron.com
  20. Weagel, Chris - human-dog.com


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