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Animation videos


Name of Producer: Francesca Talenti for The WGBH Lab / WGBH Lab

Location: Boston

Runtime: 3:55

Short Summary: Somewhere near the Badlands, an old woman makes a blanket out of porcupine quills. Sitting beside her is a huge black dog who scratches at the blanket every time the old woman turns around. A simple tale, this animated piece reveals the Lakhota legend about the end of the world.

Permalink:  http://lab.wgbh.org/open-call/end-of-theworld


Name of Producer:  Nancy Montuori Stein for The WGBH Lab / WGBH Lab

Location: Boston

Runtime: 6:55

Short Summary: This short celebrates the story of Os Mutantes, a groundbreaking 1960s Brazilian rock band formed by three teenagers. Their music reflected their spirits: playing on their own handmade guitars, their psychedelic music had no creative boundaries.


Permalink: http://lab.wgbh.org/open-call/os-mutantes-garden-notes


name of producer: M dot strange

location: ??

run time: ??

short summary: Realize this has gotten some attention -- been in big festivals, etc. -- but wow, it is just SO inventive. And M dot strange's YouTube vlogging is so rad (e.g. here). Wouldn't want to show the entire movie, but maybe there's some section or cut-down that he'd be interested in showing? Seems like such a perfect, perfect fit.

**permalink:****We are the strange

name of producer: Lucky Birds Media


location: ****


run time: Usually under 2 minutes per episode


short summary: Unleashed is an animated comedy show that follows the trials and tribulations of animal actors in Hollywood.

permalink: Unleashed.tv

name of producer: pjkproductions

location: Nottingham, UK

run time: <3 minutes

short summary: A surreal animation short of a small three wheeled car, taking a trip around the house, fighting demons at every turn, tripping through worm holes within the house, but winning the day.

permalink: http://pjkproductions.blogspot.com/2006/07/robin-2.html

name of producer:


run time:

short summary:



name of producer:


run time:

short summary:



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